5 Tips to making your home Blowout Last!


I would definitely say that my passion in this industry is styling. Nothing else makes me happier that perfect blowout, But wait. How do I get it to look like this tomorrow? I put together 5 simple tips to making your best home blowout last.
•1) It all starts with the wash

Something that EVERYONE should be doing whether you have long,short,thin,or thick hair. Pre-Rinse! Making sure you’re rinsing your hair really well before the shampoo to help eliminate product build up. Also, conditioner works best on ENDS ONLY. Most conditioners are too heavy for the roots to achieve volume ( but if you want no volume condition away! Lol ) . Finally, rinse with cool water for shine. ( to be honest you should be rinsing everything with cool water body, face and hair )

•2) No sopping wet hair

Ring out as much water as possible. Try using an old cotton t-shirt instead of a terry cloth towel to prevent frizz. A huge part of the at home blowdry struggle is the hair not being completely dry in the end. Air dry ( or rough dry) your hair until it’s about 60% dry before starting the process.

•3) Pin. Pin. Pin

Pinning your hair as you go along helps with curl longevity and volume. Over direction is key. For example; if you want full crown blow the hair forward and pin backwards. You don’t need to get fancy and do the whole head. Three pins in the crown will do just fine. Don’t take them out until you’re ready to step out the door!

•4) Spritz and Glam

When using hairspray for volume spray upside down, fluff, and flip. Kinda like bend and snap! ( cheers to the legally blonde reference )

•5) Sleeping Beauty

When sleeping try a twist bun. The twisting helps hold the wave in the blowout. You can even keep a bandana or scarf to make sure it stays in tact. The higher the bun the more volume the lower the bun less volume. Try using a 90s scrunchie ( if you can find one ) or a seamless hair tie you can’t find at cvs,Walgreens, target etc.

I hope this inspires you belles to try some at home blowouts! Try to make it fun. Tag me in any pics you take on Instagram!

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