Being a Leading Woman

What a Beautiful sight it was to see Viola Davis make history at the Emmy’s last night. Watching her acceptance speech she said something that stood out. ” The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.” To me that goes for all industries, including mine. Growing up being a Black girl striving to be the best is extremely difficult when you’re not always seen as equal. From a young girl at age 7 to age 24 I’ve always known and understood that if you wanted to be the best (or even close) you had to work three times harder than the best. Wanting to be in the beauty industry where a lot of leading stylist aren’t usually black isn’t something that intimidates me. Wanting to be a stylist that is more than capable of doing ALL ethnicities, all hair textures, and skin types isn’t something thats impossible. The beautiful thing about last night was seeing Viola as an example, her showing us all that the road is not an easy one but it most definitely worth it. We have to believe in ourselves before anyone else can. No matter what your dream is. I strive to be a Leading Woman in my industry because being an example for another girl just like me its important. I want to inspire other black girls to go for the gold, just because something looks out of reach doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to do it. Women like Viola are important symbols of hope, especially these days when we are constantly making strides to seeing change. We have to continue to uplift positive moments like this one to show girls, and women of color you can do it, you’re beautiful, you’re good enough, you’re worth it . So when the time comes you take the opportunity!

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I hope today was a beautiful one.

Miss KellyBelle

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