Bio Ionic 10X Pro-Tools Review !


I have been using Bio Ionic tools for almost 4 years now and I am definitely impressed. From the ‘style iron’ to the ‘power-light’ blowdryer and more recently, Bio Ionic sent over their new Pro-tools 10X, I fell in love. I am a hairstylist that takes pride in the fact that my clients are from all different walks of life and all different ethnicities. Which is why its so important to have tools that can be adjusted to fit my clients individual needs.

So I had been waiting all week and the day finally comes. Its a beautiful day, my books are full, i’ve had good coffee, and i’ve got a cute Fed-EX driver standing in my doorway to the glam studio asking me to sign on the line. I slice that baby open and what do I see?! MY BIO IONIC PACKAGE HAS ARRIVED!! Inside I found a ‘Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer’ and a matching ‘Pro Style Iron’.


I promised my review would be worth reading so I decided to use the tools for 2 weeks to test them against my array of clients. The results were pretty awesome! ( check out my Instagram page to see pics @KellyWxxd ) Here were my thoughts…


As soon as I held the Pro Ultralight blowdryer I realized it stood up to it’s name. ‘Ultralight’ being the operative word. I have days when i’m knocking out 10-12 blow-dry in a day. As you can imagine, most of those nights consists of me stretching and soaking in a hot bath because my arms and back are so sore from the heavy blowdryer. The ‘Ultralight’ is just that, light as a feather. Say goodbye to stiff and sore muscles. I haven’t had to soak once since Ive had it. I was a bit hesitant about the nozzle on the blowdryer because its so wide and i’m used to shorter nozzles for more concentrated heat and flow. I was surprised to find that the larger nozzle is actually BETTER! When I do blow-dry’s I tend to take big sections! (thats why I’m so fast *wink*) So the larger nozzle allows for the heat to be evenly distributed so I don’t have to go over the hair 20-30 times with the blowdryer. I can cut that down to 10-15 times. Which definitely cuts my dry time short and makes my clients super happy.


Every single blow-dry I do, I smooth the hairline with a flatiron. So having a great blow-dryer/flat iron duo is a plus in my world. The first thing I noticed about the ‘Pro Style Iron’ is its unique shape. The pointed tip is perfect for those hard to reach hairs on the hairline and nape area. I usually have to keep a tiny iron for those spots and now theres no need to. YAY to less load to carry when I travel! Another important thing that I love about this flat iron is the adjustable temperature. Heat damage usually happens from tools being way too hot, or applying heat way too frequently. I always encourage my clients to use a lower temperature at home if touch-ups are needed, 320-340 is the perfect temp to get out lightweight creasing on the hair. About 60 percent of my clients have ‘hard to smooth’ hair. From the texture, to the amount of hair, the level of difficulty is always tested by flat-irons from all types of company’s. The 10x style iron has cut most of those clients appointments down by at least 20 minutes. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had a handful of clients ask ” Was todays appointment shorter than normal?!”. Not only that, most of my clients can see a significant difference in the integrity of the hair . Bio Ionic is a company that uses negative ions to help lock in the moisture to the hair. Usually I would call a bluff, BUT judging by how smooth, soft, and shiny, my styles have been lately… Im going to have to give it up to the science behind the tools because I can 100% see a difference.



Thank you so much Bio Ionic for the upgrade! To all my hair nerds, and gurus .. if you’re looking into buying new tools , Bio Ionic is a GREAT place to start.

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