My Brow Product Faves!




As we all know as of late, eyebrows have become way more popular on the beauty spectrum. I have had some pretty thick brows all my life, and FINALLY I know how to properly tame these beasts.

Maintenance of course is the most important. Ive been getting my eyebrows waxed by the fabulous Anthony Andrews ( @ANTHONYANDREWSBHBROWS ) for months now and maintaining my brows have never been easier, BUT if you’re like me you love the filled in brow look therefore you must fill them in daily. So, i decided to put together a  quick list of my product faves to let you in on my brow secrets!


  1. An angled brush! I love angled brushes for brow sculpting because I’m able to control the product. I’m not one of those makeup artist who has to have expensive brushes. I love my e.l.f brush for my brows brows because its perfect for travel, I wont hate myself if I leave it behind since I only paid $2 bucks!
  2. Concealer! I use concealer for my brows for a cleaner look, and to fix and ‘oopsies’ I may have made. I personally use M.A.C Studio Fix Concealer (nc35) because I use it for ultimate coverage ( Damn you dark circles! ). Its important to use a color very close to your foundation for blending purposes. A little goes a long way so not too much, or else you’ll be blending for a week. I also use studio fix because the product is thick and I can control it , which is perfect for my brows since its such a small area in comparison to my under eye area.
  3. Eye Liner! I am a huge fan of gel brow looks, very sharp and clean. I have been using M.A.C Fluidline in Dipdown for my brows for years so I stuck with it. Even though I have very DARK brow hair I use brown for a more natural look. Ladies, NEVER USE BLACK! Like …EVER. Unless of course you’re going for an Avant-garde look, in that case the sky is the limit.
  4. Spoolie Brush! I absolutely cannot stand the “Box Brows”. I use a spoolie brush to blend in the brow gel for a more gradient brow look.
  5. Clear Brow Gel! E.l.f is at it again. Their clear brow gel works perfect for laying down my unruly brow hairs. It keeps the hair in place all day and only $2! Can’t beat that!

Welp, thats all folks! I h

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