My “Natural” Hair Journey!

As a little black girl growing up in a predominately white or mixed area with a school system to match, you start to notice your differences sooner than later. Why is my hair so kinky curly? Why is hers long and straight? Does everyone have to have their hair braided before they get into the pool? Questions on Questions! Since before I can remember I was getting my hair straightened and pressed so my hair could be neat. Even if I wanted to wear my hair curly while in high school I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So now as a 25 yr old hairstylist, I am so happy that today’s trend is all about natural hair. I’ve got to be honest as a hairstylist in the “blowout” generation, I don’t know too much about caring for natural hair. About a few months ago ( March 9th 2016 ) I made the choice to completely change my look!.I was so tired of the complication that was coming with doing my hair. AND IM A HAIRDRESSER! I was done with the breakage , and done with me never having time to do my hair. So I completely shaved my head and bleached it a fun platinum blonde. As my hair started growing I started to see how cool my curl pattern is and decided to document the progress every month as it grows back. Ill be letting you guys in on my daily regimens, favorite color lines, daily vitamins, styling products, and of course the before and afters!

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